Friday, May 1, 2009

The Strangest Day

The alpha wolf was running
She's the leader of the pack
("Bravo!" said cousin Charlie,
"It's so good to have you back!)

Delta sand muffled the echo
While I hid the foxtrot mare
Playing golf in my hotel room?
Didn't think I'd see you there!

India was full of colors
My canary, Juliet,
Eats white millet by the kilo,
Hasn't slowed her flying yet!

Lima beans were not my favorite
Mike adores them, Sara too,
But the chill of last November
Almost emptied my canoe!

Though the tank was full of oscars
Papa traveled to Quebec
Romeo hiked the Sierras
But he nearly broke his neck!

Foxes bite you when they tango
In a nurse's uniform
Still the patient was the victor
When the geniuses were born.

Whisky always flavored fruitcakes
X-rays showed no broken arms
So the Yankee and the Zulu
Did each other little harm.

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