Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trees and Critters

The horse ate the roses,
The sheep ate them, too.
The goat ate the lilacs
Before their debut.

We planted new roses
And built a new fence
With plenty of space for
Their frolic cadence.

We planted new lilacs
And pleased all the bees,
Then kept all the critters
And kept all the trees.

The Creek

The water spiders skate atop
The gently wandering flow;
I stepped into the current there
To see what it would know.

The cold I felt outside my boots
(Although my socks stayed dry)
Relaxed me to the core of soul
Though I did not know why.

The current and the rocky song
Of bubbling water sounds
Brought leaves and twigs and moss along,
Poured forth out of the ground

And silently I watched it all
Though inwardly I'd sing
And always afterward recall
That journey to the spring.

Collie Red

While the chicken squawked and clucked
It would have its feathers plucked
The extraordinary collie
Held it looking rather jolly
"No, Red, put the chicken down."
You could almost see him frown,
(Fussing hen between his feet)
"Feathers are not good to eat."
But he finally was persuaded
When for dog biscuits he traded.

That's Spring!

Muddy boots,
Spring thaw.
First flower I saw
Brought in.
Cold winter's abate.
Faith flies,
Birds land,
Migrations disband.
Soil's tilled,
Rains pour,
I've seen this before.
Lambs come,
Eggs hatch.
Great green clover patch
Bees fly
(And sting!)
You betcha, that's spring!