Monday, August 30, 2010

Super All Mart

Large wide aisles
Shoppers' smiles
Echoed noise
Low cost toys
Food to spare
Clothes to wear
Get to know
Clearance row
Crafts to do
Shoes are new
Towels and whites
Games and lights
Full the cart,
Full the heart
Seeing more
In that store
Than I've ever seen before.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dabble Paint

It happened on a certain day
When Travis put his paints away
There came a knock upon his door
That asked if he had any more

He showed a canvas to the gent
Who paid him handsomely, and went
And by the time the week was out
A crowd was trampling about!

They fought to reach his door and bid
(Not mindful of the harm they did
To flowered paving stones aside
The walkway that was none too wide.)

And soon his pockets paid were full
And he began an artist school
To teach some youngsters how to splash
In colors they could sell for cash!

Monday, February 15, 2010


I walked into the soda shop
And carried certain airs
To see if acting like a star
Would get me anywhere

I handed out some autographs
So graciously for free
Although the dazed recipients
Weren't sure they'd heard of me

I ordered up the very best
And didn't drink it all
Then argued with my agent
On a fake incoming call

And when I left the biggest tip
The place had ever seen
They whispered that if I came back
They'd treat me like a queen.