Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Desk

If a desk is just for writing,
A garage is just for cars.
The true evidence of glory:
Coffee stains and candy bars!

The Smiler

Dim and shaded lamp
Scratched gold painted post
Sidewalks mostly clean
Shufflers mostly cold.

Walk below the lights,
Breath both warm and stirring
Watching out for cars,
People in a hurry

Often passersby
Do not stop and talk
Hearts wrapped up in news,
Mouths like moistened chalk.

Hooded figure smiles
From underneath a joke
Peering through the silent night’s
Dark unsuccessful cloak.

If ever were a warm heart
That beat beneath a coat
The smiler’s sure to notice it
And make a mental note.

And in an earnest prayer
A light beyond the stars
Beams bright from each benevolent will
That Smiler sees and marks.

A watcher of the folks
Wrapped in a hooded coat
Unnoticed by the passersby
The sharpest mind, the keenest eye
To whom no falsity or lie
Makes any sense or any life
No application to the words
Devoid of life, but only those
Sincerest, true, and unafraid
To fall into a cold parade
While shuffling down and passing doors:
It could be my street, could be yours.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spider Web

I still marvel at spider webs ever since having read E.B. White's classic tale.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Key of J

I had to jot a journal
But the joke was still on me
For the jolt of junky jewelry
Juxtaposed what I could see.

In the morning with my java
I just had to jump for joy
For the jackass in the newscast
Was not anymore employed!

I was jolly, I was jigging
When I heard the jerk was out
And with jingling jubilations
I began to jive and shout!

When I judged the jug was empty
And the journey nearly spent
I became a gentle jockey;
Had to joust to pay the rent.

Though the jackals all were jealous
And the junkies slept in jail
I could jam their jeer transmissions
And continue forward sail.

Outward juts the journey lifebuoy!
Closer comes the salty sand!
I will jar upon an island
And inherit jungle land

Where the juice of all the flowers
And the surf of all the sea
Serves to sear the evil javelins
But brings happiness to me.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pet Mouse

Clean white fur
Water bottle drink
Twiddling whiskers
Bright eyes blink
Sweet seed scents
Soft, neat nest
Amusing pet
(Some say pest.)
Sit up straight
Wash your face
Run your wheel
(Goes no place.)
Dig and hide,
Store up seeds
(Never can tell
What a mouse may need!)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Until You Find Your Fire

You work each day
To find a way
With hands that never tire
Yet happiness
Will give you chase
Until you find your fire.

You now oppose
Most all of those
Who try to ill conspire
But perfect peace
Is ill at ease
Until you find your fire.

One day you'll seek
Beyond the peak
The heart of your desire
The one who knows
Of all your woes;
The one who is your fire.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Inchworm Melody

The pampered rocks, without a sound
Did whisper neath our feet
Did us industrially bound
Invent what wasn't meet

I did this limerick in time
When all the things were new
And now the song just doesn't rhyme
Now tells me what to do.

Now never did this idea rise
When once our bore was done
So keep those stockings from the flies
And dry them in the sun.

And though those inchworms didn't know
The workings of their trade
They, temporary, cease to grow
Just as they are remade.

So if you're sure you're modernized
And have no other flaws
Good luck to you in all your lies
And may you find your cause.