Friday, March 20, 2009

The Key of J

I had to jot a journal
But the joke was still on me
For the jolt of junky jewelry
Juxtaposed what I could see.

In the morning with my java
I just had to jump for joy
For the jackass in the newscast
Was not anymore employed!

I was jolly, I was jigging
When I heard the jerk was out
And with jingling jubilations
I began to jive and shout!

When I judged the jug was empty
And the journey nearly spent
I became a gentle jockey;
Had to joust to pay the rent.

Though the jackals all were jealous
And the junkies slept in jail
I could jam their jeer transmissions
And continue forward sail.

Outward juts the journey lifebuoy!
Closer comes the salty sand!
I will jar upon an island
And inherit jungle land

Where the juice of all the flowers
And the surf of all the sea
Serves to sear the evil javelins
But brings happiness to me.