Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Now the smoke that curled around
The circled often billowed flame
Awarded rise to blackened ground
And carved the beast a fearsome name

Now as the night began to crawl
Upon the barren evil mount
The bellow of a dragon's call
Arose on scales that had no count

And while in singing thus he spent
The air that gave his sound its wail
The thickened vines were often rent
By movements of his massive tail

Yet no more did he challenge call
That thus the air again was rent
For somewhere in the darkened vale
A second bawling roar was sent

No more the darkened mist could hide
The hideous aspect of his face
For flame that cast a morbid light
Revealed the foe's approaching pace

The monster rose up from beneath
Yet still he would not yield his cave
But steeled his stance and bared his teeth
Determined he his home would save

And when the foe rose from the rocks
At angles met two sets of horns
While fury frayed their pointed locks
And great exploding sparks were born

They clawed and bit while throwing flame
(Which did not serve their purpose well
But vented rage and lit the way)
Till finally the intruder fell

And thus defeated, drooping rose
To drag his weary body home
Till time, and food, and long repose
Restore his strength and mend his bone.

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  1. Passionate, visual and a true adventure to read! I love it!